From Cancun, Newrest provides inflight catering services to a major airline

During the pandemic crisis, Newrest gave one more positive step. Since March 1st, Newrest Mexico has started to provide inflight catering services to Delta flights from Cancun, Mexico.

Newrest is catering 20 Delta flights per day. Although catering on board to travelers is still not permitted, Newrest offers top off services to the airline, crucial for the trust placed in us by the customer.

Newrest is ready to offer more services from Cancun to Delta flights as providing food services which will hopefully come soon!

inflight catering Delta Mexico


Newrest has been present in Mexico since 1998 and the construction of the Cancun production unit. This base exclusively provides inflight catering and services to airlines. In May 2017, a new production unit was born with the aim of delivering quality services to the 40 daily flights of United Airlines. This building has been specially designed to carry out the 7,700 operations per year with a kitchen capacity of 5,000 meals per day. The Cancun unit serves a multitude of airlines, both short and long-haul. In addition, this unit was certified ISO 9001 2015 in May 2017 and renewed in 2020.