Newrest Corporate Social Responsibility Charter

Headquarters, Toulouse
CSR is an integral part of who we are and guides all of our strategic decisions.

Respect for our values offers a clear strategic direction which requires everyone to get on board.

This charter is only the beginning, the first step in Newrest’s long-term investment in sustainable and inclusive growth.

Discover in details our commitments through our CSR poster or our charter. To find out more about our concrete actions, see our annual CSR report.

We want to focus our Group’s growth around issues that make an impact:

  •  Reducing food waste
  • Improving waste management strategy
  • Promoting sustainable purchasing approach
  • Reducing single use plastics
  • Developing paperless processes
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Promoting everyday ethics
  • Developing talents & diversity
  • Favoring managerial innovation

We are taking action in the areas that matter, with the humility and efficiency that characterize us. To this end, we have adopted strong and concrete commitments that will make a real-life impact, extending well beyond our already ambitious business and objectives.