Newrest in Liberia

Newrest in Liberia

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The task facing the new authorities, led by the only female president in Africa, is immense and expectations are large.


The country has very little transport infrastructure (barely 200 km of paved roads) worthy of the name. And yet natural ressources, especially diamonds and gold, are abundant underground.

The recovery is continuing nevertheless and the international community is supporting this effort. Step by step, Liberia is continuing its resurgence and is recovering from the Ebola epidemic. The tenaciousness of the local teams enabled the central kitchen at Monrovia airport to be started up again after two years and serve KLM bi-class flights. This increase of nearly 50 % in turnover was accompanied by training plans for crews and allows the subsidiary a glimpse of a new commercial dynamic in complementary segments, with Catering B&I in the capital as well as for airport Retail.

The introduction of structures to encourage the exploitation of mining resources could in the medium term open the possibility of developing Newrest Liberia’s activities in this segment also.