A mature integrated quality system

Newrest's integrated management system is now at mature level. This expertise enables us to accelerate the deployment of ISO certifications worldwide and in multiple fields (quality, safety, environment and food safety) while setting new industry Covid 19 guidance for inflight services and a in house "Safe by Newrest" label.

Integrated management system

Our customers around the world associate Newrest with a constantly improving quality approach. Beyond the growing number of certified countries, Newrest is now working on the creation and deployment of an integrated management system.

This approach is now possible through a high degree of acquisition and application of our standards by our teams but also a significant digitization of our processes.

The formalization of our continuous improvement process is done through our Calypso tool, increasing the analysis and monitoring of actions undertaken at a national and international level. The entire HACCP records are now digitized within our ERP system (Winrest), bringing significant productivity gains, a reduction in our environmental impact by saving paper and an automatic temperature capture.

To consult the Integrated Management System charter, click here.

New industry Covid-19 guidance

Newrest is an active member of the Airline Catering Association (ACA). One of the objectives of the ACA is to address legislative and regulatory issues concerning the airline catering industry.

As such, all its members have worked as one to issue new industry guidance for inflight services together with the International Fligh Services Association (IFSA).

The two organisations represent the most skilled individuals with diverse background and expertise. It is in this context that Newrest has participated in the drafting of new guidance in relation to Covid 19 to assure safe business operation at airports, airlines, kitchens and aircraft.

Our new safety and hygiene label SAFE by Newrest secures our operations

In the current pandemic context, it is essential for us to protect our employees, our customers and our guests. This is why we very quickly published COVID-19 QHSE guidelines that have been put in place at each of our sites and units around the world.

In order to give customers the assurance that things are under control regarding the COVID-19 crisis and the restart of the activity, some of our competitors have chosen to sign a partnership with organizations of accreditation that issue a “label”.

At Newrest, we have chosen to set our own internal standards, adapted to our activity, on which each site/unit can assess itself, and obtain a label after review and examination of the results by the Group QHSE auditors.
This label, called “SAFE by Newrest”, is an additional guarantee that confirms we know what we are doing.

Our label is applicable to all Newrest units around the world and will protect workers and consumers. It allows, among other things, to evaluate and review the protocols, procedures and preventive measures of occupational safety and hygiene put in place to restart or continue the activities of the company in safe sanitary conditions.

Thus, “SAFE by Newrest” gives additional assurance to our employees, our customers and consumers that all the necessary sanitary measures have been taken to secure operations in order to allow the production and delivery of quality and safe food.