Newrest Group launches the “Foundation unlimited.”

To meet the desire of our employees for greater social impact the group has decided to create the “Foundation Unlimited”. The ambition of this foundation is to act for the protection, development, and fulfillment of the individual. Endowed with 1.5% of the group's annual net income and driven by the values of solidarity, boldness, and commitment the foundation's actions will be initiated in part by the group's employees.

3 pillars of action

The “Foundation Unlimited” will act on three pillars of action:

  • Protection of the individual by promoting access to water and basic food needs. This axis will also include strong support for medical cancer research.
  • Human development through achievement and resilience in sport.
  • Fulfillment of individual through training and education.

These pillars of action chosen by the Group embody all the values and DNA of Newrest.

Members of the Executive Board :

The Executive Board of the “Foundation Unlimited” corporate foundation is made up of members representing the worlds of business, sport and medical research.

Newrest has chosen entrepreneurial icons such as Marie-France Marchand-Baylet, as well as sports icons like Perrine Laffont and Tony Parker.

The group also called on experts in healthcare field, such as Professor François Amalric, General manager of the Toulouse Cancer Santé Foundation, and Dr Robert Sebbag, an infectiologist attached to the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital and founder of the Action Contre la Faim association, among others.

The founder, and CEO of Newrest Group Olivier Sadran, and Matthieu Jeandel, Vice-President of the group are also part of it.

Olivier Sadran : “We are delighted to launch this corporate foundation, which responds to a deep-seated aspiration of our employees as well as a personal conviction. People are at the heart of our business. Through this foundation, we aspire to support it in each stage of realizing his potential. This means, of course, being able to benefit from quality, structuring education. But we also want to enable them to rise thanks to the values and framework conveyed by sport. All these actions will be carried out in each of the countries where we operate, on a permanent basis, and beyond Newrest group’s core activities.”

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