An unlimited culinary know-how

Culinary art poses a never-ending series of questions. Our Chefs are aware of the latest restaurant trends and love discovering and passing on new flavours.
They innovate while providing high quality services, highlighting excellent local products. This endless culinary quest has only one purpose: to excite our guest’s taste buds.

The international expansion of Chefs Unlimited is taking shape

Last year we founded the Chefs Unlimited club, which includes talented chefs from all over France. Building on this successful experiment to emulate and transmit our gastronomic know-how, the passion for ever more innovative and tasty cuisine is spreading internationally.

Chefs Unlimited is ready for action. A booklet full of exquisite recipes, show-cooking demonstrations, a competition for the best pastry chef in schools; our chefs are going to light up our restaurants around the world.

An ongoing collaboration with renowned Chefs

Newrest is seeking renowned chefs to perfect its culinary expertise, both with humility and passion.

While preparing the menu for Vueling, Newrest Spain is creating recipes with the two Michelin star-Chef, Ramón Freixa. A fresh and delicious sandwich range has come out of the collaboration.

In France, the famous pastry Chef Philippe Conticini shares some of his tasty “Gâteaux de Voyage” on board the TGV inOui bar. In order to expand its service offering, Newrest Wacasco in Oman is working with the iconic Omani Chef, Issa Al Lamki to create a range of healthy, fresh and balanced dishes.

We have a responsibility to make our guests aware of food balances

Meals are ideal times to learn, whether with the family, in a company or at school.

As a major actor in promoting healthy and balanced diets, Newrest is developing awareness programs on the fundamentals of nutrition in the restaurants served around the world.

Our staff are launching initiatives in schools to educate youngsters about these issues. Fun classroom workshops, discovery days in school or with our local producers, Taste Discovery week; a number of educational campaigns are under way to educate children about good eating practices.

Both on land and in the air, we take this responsibility seriously. Newrest Spain is creating a buy-on-board food offering with information about the nutritional components of each dish in order to make diners aware of balanced diets.