The inflight summer season has started with new partners in Paris

Newrest is now providing services to Azul Airlines, Air Tahiti Nui and Egyptair from Orly and CDG airports.

The team in Paris has signed 3 new contracts

The first South American airline, Azul Brazilian Airlines has chosen Newrest to provide inflight services for routes from Orly to Sao Paulo.

Air Tahiti Nui and Egyptair have trusted Newrest to supply daily flights from Charles de Gaulle to Faaa and Cairo.

Some additional routes with trustworthy partners

In partnership with Scandinavia Airlines, Newrest launches a new seasonal line between Gothenburg (Sweden) and New York. A real milestone for this first direct line in 40 years! 3 flights per week are provided.

The group also operates the new direct route between Aalborg (Denmark) and New York.

In Germany, China Airlines has opened the line from Frankfurt to Taipei (Taiwan), with Newrest Frankfurt team working for these flights. The group has proposed some menus to best meet the client’s expectations, as China Airlines is the second biggest customer for Newrest Frankfurt.

Inflight Summer Season

Newrest Greece is now providing new routes to the US!

Air Canada and United Airlines have just started the summer season with Newrest Greece. Not less than 12 flights per week provided: 5 between Athens and Newark Liberty International Airport and 7 from Athens to Washington Dulles Airport.

Newrest Greece also supplies Air Canada for its two connections departing from Athens: to Montreal and to Toronto with 2 and 3 weekly flights.

Air Canada has extended the contract with Newrest, satisfied with its inflight services expertise. Newrest is working to propose the best for passengers as they will be able to enjoy traditional Greek menus with local recipes onboard.

Congratulations to Newrest teams around the world who are constantly doing their best to meet clients and customers’ expectations.

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