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Newrest, a specialist in out-of-home food service and a global leader in multi-sector catering, has built strong partnerships with local and international companies.

Newrest is collaborating with the following companies:

Newrest Servair Kinshasa

Newrest is in partnership with Servair in Africa in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Today the Newrest Servair Joint-Venture manages the following production unit:

  • Activity statement of Congo

Newrest Rahal

In Morocco, Newrest is associated since 2006 with the ambassador of Moroccan gastronomy in the world. The Rahal group is an internationally renowned caterer, specialized in high gastronomy and the organization of events such as the COP 22 or the African Cup of Nations. Our Joint-Venture offers its services to a large number of clients, particularly in the catering sector, but also in the airline industry, remote sites and airport concessions.

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  • Activity statement for Newrest in Morocco
  • The Rahal website

Newrest Wacasco

In Oman, Newrest has been associated since 2008 with a group of national importance that has participated in the development of the Sultanate in many sectors: Waleed Catering & Service Company. This Joint Venture has a long-standing reputation in the corporate services market in the field of remote sites and catering services.

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First Capital Investment – Qatar

In Qatar, Newrest has been associated since 2013 with a major player in the commercial catering and international sports event organization: First Capital Investment. Our Joint Venture, which operates under the name Newrest Gulf, offers its remote sites and catering services to many clients.

For the 2022 World Cup, Newrest Gulf offered its services to produce delivered meals.

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Newrest UIS – Uganda

In Uganda, Newrest partnered in 2011 with a local company: Uganda Inflight Services. The Joint-Venture operates under the name of Newrest UIS and offers its inflight catering, airport concession and institutional catering services to about ten clients.

Today, Newrest UIS Joint Venture manages a production unit at Entebbe Airport and is now positioned in the field of catering services in the context of oil project development in the country.

Today, Newrest UIS  runs a production unit in Uganda:

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  • Activity statement for Newrest in Uganda

Pariltim Newrest – Türkiye

In 2019, Newrest expands into Türkiye by acquiring a significant stake in Pariltim Yemek alongside the founder, Necat Aydin and his family. The entity takes the name of Newrest Pariltim.

This family-owned company, founded in 2009, currently employs more than 2,500 people and is a key player in the Turkish out-of-home catering industry.

By acquiring this stake, Newrest confirms the group’s desire to expand its strategic presence around the Mediterranean basin.

Express Food Group – Cambodia

In 2019, Newrest is partnering with Express Food Group to create Newrest Retail Cambodia. With more than 60 sites in Cambodia and Burma, this company is the leader in out-of-home catering in Cambodia.

Through the entity Newrest Catering Cambodia, Newrest is also the leader of the catering industry in this country.

Alexej Oberoi – Germany

In 2022, Newrest develops its airline catering activity in Germany in a joint venture with Alexej Oberoi.

These new units allow Newrest to have a significant network in Germany and reinforce its network in Europe.

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Red Med Group – Algeria

Newrest has been in a joint venture with the Red Med group for its catering and remote sites activities in Algeria for many years.

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Dubrovnik Airport – Croatia

In Croatia, Newrest has partnered in 2007 with the international airport: Dubrovnik Airport.

The Joint-Venture offers its services in the sectors of inflight catering and airport concessions.

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Newrest Wagons-Lits – France

For its catering activities for railway companies in France, Newrest has partnered with one of the world leaders in travel catering, Areas.

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  • Activity statement of France
newrest wagons lits

Newrest has Joint Ventures in Africa in the following countries :