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In an extremely competitive environment, Newrest approach in Qatar has paid off. 2016-17 was a year of consolidation for purchasing and operational structures.

With the arrival from Newrest Angola of Krishnen Venkatachellum at the logistics chain department, the purchasing process was structured, with development of imports in particular.

Newrest Gulf continued operationally, with the arrival of Arezki Amir as Deputy Country Director and the consolidation of its activities by accompanying the growth of several of its key contracts for which ser- vice had begun the previous year.

Among others, the WASEEF Facility Management company saw its staff numbers increase, requiring the Newrest Gulf teams to organise themselves logistically to serve 15,000 meals per day.

This trend was also encountered with the Ministry of the Interior through the Police College and Police Academy sites.

From June 2017, diplomatic tensions with its neighbours generated heavy inflation on imported products and transport costs for the Qatari teams, which had to be countered with new supply routes and the retro-engineering of menus and services with our customers. This work was carried out in complete transparency with our partners. In these delicate times, Jaswant Pujara’s team at nance were able to work closely with customers to ensure them that mutual commitments would be respected and to ensure there was no drift in cash flow.

After the start of Catering activities for the ‘Lycée Français de Doha Bonaparte’, the teams were also pleased to win the Catering contract for Total’s head office in Doha, where a varied choice served as a buffet caters to employees from the local, European and Asian communities. The start of the new production unit with a capacity of 20,000 meals per day at the start of 2018 will strengthen our position as a major player in this market.

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