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This dynamic country continues to have annual growth of nearly 5 %.

With a significant share of its working population (35.5 %) made up of entrepreneurs, Uganda is one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world. The Newrest UIS teams have worked hard to be part of this movement and 2016-17 was a year which saw the start of new contracts, translating to an increase in its turnover of 12 %.

In 2016, the Newrest teams started to serve Pizza Hut with products which are part of the pizza giant’s offer. In March 2017, Newrest UIS won the contract for the ‘Ecole des Grands Lacs’ French school in Kampala where 190 children are served each day by local teams.

In keeping with its quality plan, Newrest UIS renewed its ISO 22000 and Halal certifications and maintains its premises conformity certificate, issued by Entebbe Town Council’s specialist hygiene doctor. The joint-venture also passed Yum! certification in September 2017, confirming our quality commitments to our partners.

Newrest IUS was awarded the prize of best employer in Entebbe for 2016 by the National Social Security Fund, for its constant desire to ensure the well-being of its employees and its proactive approach to improve working and career development conditions.

Strengthening our ambitions for next year, Newrest UIS has been registered by the Ugandan Oil Authority, which will enable us to consider projects in the oil exploration sector.

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