Newrest Chefs design a NEO surprise menu for catering events in Greece

Neo is the annual gastronomy program which entertains Newrest’s guests all around the world in the contract catering activity. The program focuses on the pure materials of nature and the responsibility of each of us to build a more positive and sustainable world through our healthy daily consumption and nutrition.

The NEO annual event brings flavors to restaurants Newrest’s guests in Greece

In the frame of the NEO events going on all along the year in Newrest catering restaurants, an original menu was created by Newrest’s Chefs in Greece.

On the 16th of March, Newrest’s guests discovered a menu theme dedicated to root vegetables. This food is precious for nature and the human body.

At the menu, guests enjoyed:

Hot Appetizer
Potato cream soup flavored with truffle and pickled radish
Cool salad mixed with carrot, fennel, raisins, green apple & yogurt sauce
Main dish
Sea bass with yellow celery root, asparagus & steamed potatoes
Baked beef with carrots, sweet potatoes & celery root
Ginger muffin with honey sauce with beetroot

About what root vegetables can bring to catering menus

Root vegetables are describing the underground part of the plants or roots, which is harvested for consumption. These crunchy vegetables are packed to the brim with fiber, vitamins B1 and C, minerals, and trace elements such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron. They are helpful for demineralizing, while also boosting satiety and the immune system and as such, improving our health by supporting the distribution of nutrients in the food that we eat around our bodies.

They are resistant crops, even in the cold season, because they are well hidden underground, where they take the nutrients from the deepest soil beyond the reach of other plants. They can be grown throughout most of the year and are very resistant to droughts. Furthermore, they keep better than other vegetables. Sometimes, they are associated with other cultures because they can serve as pest repellents.

For all the above reasons, the root vegetables were the protagonists of this month’s theme menu and were highly appreciated by Newrest restaurants’ customers. The campaign will continue in Newrest Greece, in the coming months, with different proposals that combine the benefits for human health and our planet!

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