NEWREST restaurants come alive!

During the first half of 2020, our chefs have created numerous recipes to make their guests rediscovering pure flavours. As part of two animations programs rich in culinary experiences: the PURE programs and the "partnership events", raw products have been honored.

In the PURE entertainment programme, two products were honored:

Brown sugar

At a time when sweet and savoury has never been so trendy, our chefs have sublimated Brown Sugar, “Food substance inciting greediness”. Based on inpiration of the “Chef Unlimited” club, our guests tasted the brown sugar twisted in new colours, textures, flavours… A real treat for all gourmets!

The potato

Our guests were inspired by the many facets of the potato. Pure and natural, the potato is so good. It is “a tuber,  symbol of (bio)diversity”. Fried, roasted, in waffles, pancakes or crisps, the possibilities offered by this popular starchy food are unlimited!

The partnership  events:

In France, thanks to our partnerships with “la Ferme d’Ici” and “Alpina Savoie“, our guests discovered the authentic Crozets (a kind of pasta) and enjoyed a delicious chicken from South-West region.

In other countries, we frequently highlight local products with exceptional flavors. Thank you to all our chefs around the world !