100% Norman yogurts!

In January, the 100% Norman yogurts from the Ferme des Peupliers were the flagship product in our restaurants in the North West.

The Ferme de Peupliers and the Newrest teams have joined forces to offer entertainment at around fifteen restaurants in Rouen and its surroundings to introduce our guests to Normandy’s good milk yogurts.

During this event, our guests were able to taste the following ranges:

  • Company restaurants and EHPAD: Prestiges (plain, apricot, pear, cherry, raspberry)
  • School restaurants: Les Authentiques (nature)

The Ferme des Peupliers yogurts are made with good milk from Norman cows. From field to spoon, all their products are exclusively made with milk from the cows of the Ferme des Peupliers, transformed on the farm using artisanal methods.


Find the history of 100% Norman yoghurt from Ferme des Peupliers here:



Congratulations to the Newrest teams!