The Valentine’s Day at Newrest!

In February, Newrest teams from Canada, United-States, Laos and Mexico celebrated Valentine's Day in different ways!

Newrest United States

As the temperature continues to drop throughout February in Salt Lake City and Raleigh Durham, we’re all finding ways to keep our hearts warm. Love, kindness and joy are all in the air as Valentine’s day approaches and the excitement of the day is afoot.

The CSR Teams in both units prepared 300 bunches of chocolate roses bound in ribbon and wrapped with a note, “Dear Flight Crew, Happy Valentine’s Day, From all of us at Newrest.” The team braved the cold and delivered a chocolate rose to every flight attendant and pilot.

The flight attendants were overjoyed as the CSR Team showered them in appreciation and gratitude, but mostly just chocolate. There were laughs and smiles all round as the CSR’s checked catering and showed the Flight Crews how “sweet” Newrest can be.

Newrest Canada

Newrest Dorval celebrated the season of love with Air Canada flight attendants on board & Air Canada Ground Operations Team at Trudeau Airport, Montréal.

To mark the holiday and celebrate the first of it between Newrest Dorval and Air Canada, a selection of Valentine’s inspired cupcakes were offered all along the day to different flight attendants before their flight.

A fun and interactive way to commemorate Valentine’s Day and share a treat.

Newrest Laos

Newrest Laos celebrated Valentine’s Day at La Paillote restaurant, at the RNT Village in Nam Theun 2.
A subdued and romantic atmosphere for this opportunity to get together as a Lover or a Family, with a special dessert offered by Newrest.

Newrest Mexico

Newrest Mexico celebrated the day of love and friendship in its facilities, having games, food, prizes and lots of fun.