Newrest teams in Laos reach clients’ satisfaction through sport entertainment

Introducing the sport ritual in a Newrest remote site located in Laos

Every month, Newrest Laos organizes 3 Sports Tournaments, related to Badminton, Tennis, Pétanque, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, and Sepak Takraw at the Khammouane Province site in Laos PDR. In addition, professional coaching through Weekly Seminar Training is offered to all age categories. The entertainment includes Dance Workshop, Yoga Class, Aerobics, swimming class, and Tennis & Badminton Lessons.

The latest tournament was in October 2021. Newrest teams organized a badminton challenge for male teenagers, while maintaining the New Normal Hygiene Rules. This event regrouped 8 Playersand and awarded winners for their effort, their enthusiasm, and their perseverance with brand-new smart bands. A Newrest cash voucher allows them to enjoy the restaurants’ specialties and to shop at the RNT Village supermarket.

These tournaments bring entertainment activities to residents in a Loatian remote area. It encourages Newrest guests to join the event and maintain their physical and mental health. It is also relevant in this pandemic era as sport boost their immune system.

sport entertainment Laos

Sport entertainment at Newrest: a matter of DNA

At Newrest, innovation is at heart of processes. The innovative approach is also intended in the way the Group is offering entertainment. Here, recreation managers are forming mixed teams, or organizing family games and couple games, as to promote diversity and equality on the remote site. Thanks to the dedicated Sports & Recreation Team, Newrest is achieving client satisfaction in the recreation department, while building strong relationships with clients.

Sports activities are not only about improving skills or winning prizes. In Newrest’s vision, it is also about how to foster joy playing games together, and how to contribute to giving the residents peace of mind after long working hours.

It is also full part of the Group’s DNA. Challenge oneself, surpassing oneself and team spirit are values Newrest grows with every day.

The Group is convinced of the sport positive effect in mindset and personal growth. It fosters its collaborators and clients to find the perfect balance to evolve together through this vision.