It’s back-to-school time in New Caledonia for Newrest!

Time to go back to school! Newrest is heating up the ovens.

Newrest, a player in out-of-home catering since 2015 in New Caledonia on the Goro mine, has been accompanying children back to school since 2018. The company provides more than 12,500 meals per day to school canteens in the communes of Nouméa, Dumbéa and Païta. These meals are prepared from its kitchen in Noumea.

A kitchen at the cutting edge of innovation and food safety

Following the acquisition of Restauration Française in 2018 from Sodexo Group, Newrest invested 471 million XPF to modernise its production process for the students of the Grand Noumea through the cold chain. These investments were necessary and had not been made before. This solution, a first on the island, guarantees flawless food safety and meets the quality standards expected by the municipalities. Through the Quality, Health and Safety (QHS) program called “I Care”, the company’s employees are ambassadors for food hygiene at every stage of production.

The company has also supported the schools, which have acquired equipment to ensure that the dishes are received, stored and, when necessary, reheated in the best possible conditions. This investment has made it possible to professionalise school catering for the next 10 years and is a source of satisfaction for all the stakeholders on the island.

newrest nouvelle-calédonie

Training and digitalization

To facilitate the work of the canteen workers in charge of receiving and setting up the meals for the children, Newrest has carried out training courses aimed at understanding the digitalization of the delivery process. This saves a lot of time and allows the canteen workers to focus on the pupils and the service.

These training sessions, organised jointly with the Caisse des Ecoles, are held once a year for one day. 585 canteen workers are trained on the theoretical and practical aspects of this quality approach in the presence of Newrest drivers.

newrest nouvelle-calédonie

A social responsibility focused on New Caledonia

In terms of CSR commitments, the company is taking concrete actions through several pillars of its CSR charter. The transformation of bio-waste from the kitchen into compost is a priority, which limits the production of greenhouse gases. Plastic packaging is also transformed into tiles or gutters. Newrest is supported in this approach by the local company “Objectif Zéro Déchet” (OZD), a waste collection and recovery company.

The Noumea kitchen is an important training center. A collaboration is taking shape with the commercial and hotel vocational high school Auguste Escoffier following a recent visit to the premises. This is an opportunity for the students to understand the functioning of an important culinary production center and the logistical organisation involved. Visits are organised for the students’ parents throughout the year.

Newrest is also a training center for the island’s youth through its “Graduate” programme, particularly in the field of food safety. New graduates are trained to Newrest standards for one year before being hired. More specifically on the Goro mine, twenty young people have been welcomed within the framework of the youth integration mission (MIJ : Missions d’insertion des jeunes) and recruitment forums are systematically organised with the commune of Yaté.

Also, in the context of its partnership with Prony Resources, Newrest is promoting the know-how of community service providers in transport and waste management.

newrest nouvelle-calédonie

Loyal employees onboard

For Newrest, the key to student satisfaction lies in its teams, who have been loyal to the job for many years. The company can rely on employees with more than 10 years of experience in the field of canteen meal production, from the executive chef to the driver. At all stages of the service, the company can count on the know-how of its team of 81 people. In total, Newrest employs nearly 400 people in New Caledonia.

 A strong partnership with the communities

The partnership with Xee Nou, a 30% co-shareholder of Newrest in the context of its activity on the Goro mine, has greatly contributed to the integration of the company in New Caledonia in 2015 through Michel Agourere. This partnership with the communities is now entering its eighth year.