Newrest supports Juliette Fricoteaux’s sports challenge

After having undergone two heart transplants, she is running for the 2023 World Transplant Games!

Who is Juliette?

Juliette is a young 24 year old student from Lille, France. She has been practicing canoeing at a high level for several years. 4 years ago, she fell ill, it was a shock for her and her entourage. She underwent a first heart transplant. One year after her operation, a new ordeal plunged her into a coma. She underwent a second heart transplant. These trials of life did not slow her down in her determination, after learning to walk again, she now wants to go even further.

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Participation in the World Transplant Games

In spite of the difficulty, she is determined to return to sport. Juliette launches the challenge to participate in the World Transplant Games.

This year, the 24th Games will take place in Perth in Australia from April 15th to 21st. They have been held every 2 years since 1978 and their objective is to raise public awareness of the reliability of the transplant process and the need for organ donation. Juliette decided to run the 5km. To achieve this, she follows a specific program and trains three times a week to get her new heart used to the effort. A team accompanies her: her cardiologist, her physiotherapist and a friend who is himself a transplant recipient.

Newrest places sport at the heart of Juliette’s motivation, physical activity is an engine of encouragement and self-improvement. The group supports Juliette in her fight. By financing part of her project, the Newrest group allows her and her teams to reach Perth next April.

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