Newrest provides catering services to a Crystal Cruise VVIP flight in Polynesia

Following the inflight catering services provided to the French and Spanish presidential delegations during their respective flights to South Africa and Costa Rica earlier this summer, the Group continues to attract VVIPs (Very Valuable Important People) around the world. The Newrest Chef’s gastronomic expertise and the quality standards of Newrest's VIP offer are indeed recognized by professionals in this highly prized segment.

Newrest teams in Polynesia offer catering services to a VVIP during a flight with Crystal Cruise

Newrest’s Tahiti Faa’a unit had the privilege of expressing its gastronomic culture and culinary talent to distinguished guests. After the flight operated for Kim Kardashian’s 40th birthday, the luxury travel operator Crystal Cruise once again trusted Newrest’s expertise to cater a VVIP flight.

Newrest’s expertise in high-standard catering is usually centralized around the Private catering by Newrest offer. However, Newrest’s traditional airline catering units also have the talent to provide this range of service. Like this time, when the Tahiti Faa’a unit took up this challenge and confirmed the adaptability of Newrest Chefs.

catering Crystal VVIP flight

Challenge and enhancement of the customer’s experience: a service that reflects the Newrest DNA

This service has won the total satisfaction of the prestigious passengers of the Crystal Cruise flight. The guest’s experience is central to Newrest’s inflight catering offer, regardless of the segment. The Group sees this as a constant opportunity to improve its services to meet guests’ expectations.

Thanks to this feedback, Newrest employees in Polynesia are capitalizing on the efforts made in this challenge into a unique experience. It symbolizes the Newrest chefs’ flexibility and the refinement of their cuisine. A quality of service that appeals to VVIPs: as a reminder, Newrest punctually provides its services to presidential delegations and celebrities.