New look for the restaurant of the Chambre des Métiers de l’Artisanat in France

We are proud to offer our know-how, our listening and our passion to our customers. Once again, we have managed to combine the power of a major and the responsiveness of a challenger to build tailor-made solutions.

CMA France with today’s tastes!

As the representative of all CMAs, the Chambre des Métiers de l’Artisanat France is responsible for defining decisions taken on craft policy issues as well as disseminating information and best practices. 

Their network is made up of 2,500 business leaders elected every 5 years by their colleagues. These 2,500 people are the strength and expertise of CMA France because they know the realities on the ground. By their side, 11,000 employees work every day at the service of craftsmen. 

We all agree that a daily professional expert also has the right to a good lunch! It is even essential because the quality of the meal break contributes to well-being at work.

Everyone wants to take their meal break in a friendly environment, and choose from a wide range of fresh, appetizing products with careful presentation. 

At Newrest, we are convinced of this! Thus, CMA France professionals will now be able to take advantage of the “Les p’tits plats du Chef” (Chef’s little dishes) concept. This original concept aims to offer a unique experience to the guests. The chef has good taste, is friendly and warm.

The “NEWREST CATERING UNLIMITED” application accompanies them before, during and after the meal. Thanks to it, guests can stay informed by consulting the restaurant menus and highlights as well as all the practical information. 

Lots of Newrest news are yet to come and we cannot wait to share them with you!