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Newrest Restauration in France

Newrest Restauration, the specialist in group catering, is bringing a new vision to the market for catering and its affiliated services. With over 16,500 meals served every day, the French subsidiary of the Newrest Group is now a leader in out-of-home catering and canteen management across France.

Newrest Restauration provides a range of supplies, technical assistance, cold preparations, home-delivered meals, catering and related services (such as minor maintenance, mail handling and cleaning), thereby managing all your employees’ catering-related business. Newrest offers their expertise and passion, always attentive to customer needs and maintaining close customer relations. Our teams set out to make each meal a special moment of togetherness and well-being.

The French subsidiary of the Newrest Group offers customized solutions for 80 clients in the public and private sectors, including companies, administrations, hospitals, clinics and recreation centers in defense, medical-social, health and education fields. Newrest Restauration is customer-focused and communicates regularly with partners to identify and understand specific needs and guarantee sound management of economic issues. This approach has enabled the subsidiary to maintain a balanced partnership and high customer satisfaction.

A global player with local know-how

Newrest Restauration fully draws upon its global expertise as one of the world leaders in out-of-home catering. The Group utilizes its institutional catering know-how in 26 countries, and its 6,700 specialized employees serve 186,000 meals every day for 455 local and international clients.

A passion for taste

Newrest Restauration believes that a meal is more than just nutrition: it’s an experience. At our restaurants, our teams use their know-how to create truly tasty dishes. The subsidiary offers delicious healthy and balanced meals, while respecting the dietary needs of each customer.

The canteen: a lively, friendly atmosphere

Newrest Restauration seeks to make every meal a moment of well-being and togetherness. Our teams help you to take a break from routine, with regularly organized events, awareness campaigns and activities.

Technology furthering our expertise

Newrest Restauration has created a range of digital tools for its guests in order to optimize on-site operations. Our in-house software programs for stock management, purchasing optimization, etc., enable us to offer the best service at the best price. Guests can use our mobile application before, during and after meals to view menus, manage their online account or to complete customer satisfaction surveys for example.

An ambitious and responsible purchasing policy

Newrest Restauration adopts an ambitious purchasing policy. We replenish our stocks daily with fresh, high-quality products, ever-mindful of each establishment’s specific needs. For this reason, the subsidiary opts for local and responsible purchasing practices, as well as fresh produce, while maintaining irreproachable transparency and guaranteeing optimal value.

Maximum food safety guaranteed

Newrest Restauration applies very strict quality and hygiene standards, in compliance with current legislations. The subsidiary is ISO 9001-certified and perfectly masters the HACCP approach.


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Contact information:

  • Newrest Restauration: 17 rue du Lion – CP 94150 – 94533 Rungis Cedex – France
  • Phone: + 33 1 48 84 69 30
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