Contract catering in France

The power of a major, the agility of a challenger.
Newrest combines the power of a major and the agility of a challenger to build tailor-made solutions perfectly suited to the specific needs of your organization. NEWREST has found the perfect balance between these two forces in order to formulate UNLIMITED solutions for you.

1 # Trendy and creative culinary know-how

– Head managers with traditional training entirely dedicated to their profession and their clients.
– “Chefs Unlimited”: A club of Chefs ambassadors from all over France, dedicated to exchanges, the transmission of their passion and culinary innovation.

2 # Controlled food safety

– Very strict hygienic, quality and safety processes in line with ISO 9001 and HACCP standards. (ISO logo)

3 # Awareness of “eating well”

– Healthy and gourmet dishes every day,
– Each year in our restaurants: 1 annual entertainment program consisting of 12 themes, 4 “nutrition & environment” events and 6 “product” events,
– 7 dieticians and nutritionists present regionally to support our customers and our teams on a daily basis.

4 # Tailor-made local purchases

– A personalized product catalog for each of our restaurants
– Development of geographical proximity between agricultural producers, processors and consumers,
– The “Ferme de cœur” charter: The development of a network of local producers and the promotion of products resulting from this approach in restaurants in each region of France.

5 # Act together for the planet

In 2020, through its “Be the Change” charter, Newrest is making strong and concrete commitments to the environment by 2025:
– The fight against food waste,
– The reduction of our waste and its recovery,
– Responsible purchasing,
– The reduction of our carbon footprint,
– A strong commitment to our employees.

6 # Valuable women and men

-Committed and local management,
-Newrest schools: 2 new training centers designed to train our employees on our culinary expertise, health and safety and even hygiene.

7 # Digital & Innovation, key players in our activities

A whole new range of digital tools to improve the experience in our restaurants and optimize on-site operations:
– The Newrest application: Connect’Eat ”
– Online ordering thanks to Click & Collect “Order‘ Eat ”
– Dematerialization of badges
– Connected fridges
– Innovative collection tools (platform recognition, terminals, etc.)
– Attendance measurement tools to inform diners and optimize flows
– Display of menus in real time

8 # An attractive and loyal dining experience

– Newrest, specialist in international commercial catering: expertise put at the service of collective catering,
– Modern concepts aptly responding to the constant evolution of the catering market, to trends and to the new expectations of our guests.

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