A special NEO menu designed in Greece with new flavors for April

A delicious menu was created by the chefs of Newrest in Greece for the company's customers on April as part of the NEO animation. NEO is an annual animation, with a theme per year and a special ingredient per month. This year, the concept is to favour foods that are responsibly produced, whose cultivation preserves the planet and whose nutrients are therefore healthy for humans.

NEO Animation drives Newrest’s Chefs to new flavors in Greece

This month’s proposal was inspired by delicious recipes of Greek islands with Leafy Greens as main ingredients. Rich in vitamins and excellent for the metabolism, they are among the most nutritious foods. It is a real refreshing cocktail: Fiber, provitamin A, vitamins B, C and K, amino acids, antioxidants and minerals, especially iron and calcium. Very low in calories, and an excellent source of vitamins! A good way to eat healthy and gourmet.

Menu included the following:

Cold Appetizers
Ios chickpea meatballs with garnish of Mount Athos eggplant salad
Santorini fava with caramelized onions
Main Dishes
Tserepa octopus from Ithaki
Squids with rice from Chios
Semolina halva with pistachio and cranberries

The Leafy Greens, an unknown family

When growing leafy vegetables, there are multiple benefits for the planet. These plants grow quickly and under various conditions: some can grow at low temperatures and even survive frost, while others are drought resistant and help protect the soil. They are less common crops that help our soils regenerate, especially after the summer growing season.

The monoculture, which is the cultivation of the same varieties, destroys the soil and allows the easier spread of plant diseases. Since then, the inclusion of these vegetables in your diet and therefore their cultivation, contributes significantly to the balance of nature and the planet’s survival.

Menu Greece April