Newrest restaurants head for the Vendée Globe race with OCEANIC!

At Newrest we know the Vendée Globe well! For the second time, we are full-fledged players in this round-the-world sailing race that we still enjoy.

On the occasion of this 9th edition, we have thought of the OCEANIC program that we previously told you about here! Remember, we had explained to you that our first theme among the five would be the discovery of the race.

We plunged some of our restaurants into the world of sailing thanks to a friendly atmosphere and a marine setting. Our guests, from the youngest to the oldest, were able to discover the elements that make up a boat, the rules that skippers must respect, the maneuvers to master or the skills required to be a sailing professional like our skipper Fabrice Amedeo.For example, did you know that many elements such as containers float or drift in the oceans and become real dangers for boats? In the sailing world, we call these “UFOs” which means Unidentified Floating Objects. These objects are feared by sailors because if they encounter them, it could damage their sailboat and end their race.

These UFOs have no business in the water. They disrupt the skippers’ race but also, and above all, harm the marine fauna. Unfortunately, they are not the only ones who have nothing to do there. The oceans are more and more polluted by microplastics which are devastating for all forms of life.

With our OCEANIC program, we want to make as many people as possible aware of the need to respect our environment and in particular the importance of preserving our oceans. Thus, this subject will be the second theme. We are addressing it this week in our restaurants.

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