Pow Wow, April’s FESTIVE entertainment, diversifies Newrest’s guest experience

In April, the guest experience offered by Newrest in clients’ sites around the world was particularly well thought out by the marketing team. "Pow-Wow" means gathering. It represents one of the most important cultural practices of North American indigenousness. Each year, hundreds of Aboriginal communities take part on it. Practitioners, artists, and well-dressed Elders gather for songs, dances and, most importantly, gourmet meals.

Pow Wow experience with Newrest with guests from all continents

With FESTIVE entertainment, Newrest guests discover unique culinary experiences straight from the world’s greatest festivals. In April, Newrest restaurants offered the experimentation of Pow Wow gatherings.
The marketing team and chefs have made a deep choice for this April event. This activity stands out for its originality, going against the grain of recognised food marketing events such as St Patrick’s Day or Chinese New Year.
The list of countries that have enjoyed Pow Wow with their guests is varied:

  • France
  • French Polynesia
  • New Caledonia
  • Switzerland
  • Algeria
  • Qatar
  • Angola
  • Tunisia
  • Peru
  • Congo
  • Gabon
  • Madagascar
  •  Zambia
  • Cameroon

Pow wow guest experience

Pow Wow meets Newrest’s commitment to educate guests about nutrition

Newrest’s vocation remains to educate and instruct on nutrition as well as on a culinary culture, starting a very young age. Thus, the group’s guests discovered the traditional dishes of one of the world’s largest celebrations. The recipes proposed also represent a challenge for the chefs. These specific and unusual recipes are a good opportunity for Newrest professionals to renew themselves and learn. Among them, the guests tasted the traditional cornbread, sagamite, pork shredded in the Amerindian style or berry soup.

What Newrest and the Native Americans have in common is the belief that nature is an incredible source of goodness. These ancestors knew how to use plants and foods for a harmonious balance. This symbolic balance echoes Newrest’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. It is also present in certain values of the group such as humility and simplicity.

Pow wow guest experience

Pow Wow, the ancient Native American tradition, sets the guest experience apart

It was once a shamanic event and a celebration of warrior feats. Today, Pow-Wows have become festive events. It’s special time for everyone to connect with their origins, to exchange between different tribes and to keep the Native American cultural heritage alive. During the gathering, the Amerindians are dressed in the “regalia”. This is a colourful traditional outfit made up of an eagle feather headdress, beaded medallions, coloured ribbons, bracelets decorated with bear claws, leather moccasins, etc.

This atypical universe is represented in the group’s restaurants by singular and different decorations accompanying the originality found on the courses. In the school restaurants, children are made aware of this culture through participation in activities involving the creation of dream catchers, feather crowns and Indian arrows. All these elements are markers of the distinctive American world. They allow a total immersion in this universe, for an optimal guest experience.

Pow wow guest experience