Saudia restarts its activity worldwide with Newrest’s inflight catering

The resumption of the aerial activity is happening on different parts of the world. With it, it’s a whole ecosystem which resumes its business as well. Saudia re-establishes its services by flying again from following airports: Charles de Gaulle in Paris, Adolfo-Suárez in Madrid-Barajas, Mohammed V in Casablanca, and London Heathrow. Newrest, which stood alongside airlines from the beginning of the pandemic, also takes the advantage of the restart to provide its inflight catering services to the company.

Saudia x Paris

After 13 months off, Newrest restarted its inflight catering services with Saudia on May 1st, 2021, from Charles de Gaulle Airport. The service includes 2 classes of services and 6 flights per week to Jeddah and Riyad on a Boeing 787-900, with standard menus as Pre-Covid situation requires. The restart has been a success.

Saudia x Madrid

In Madrid, Saudia flies again 4 times a week with a B-787. Newrest is serving economy and first classes with same menus as before COVID situation. The Saudia crew also enjoys Newrest’s catering on board.

Saudia and Newrest work together in Madrid since 2016. This trustful journey together continues with this restart.

Saudia x London

Saudia also restarts its activities from London Heathrow, using Newrest’s services for its passengers’ meals. The activity resumed on the 1st of May for the journey London – Jeddah, once a day including the usual full-service option. On the 17th of May, it is the London – Riyadh trip which restarts with 2 flights per week, including the full inflight catering service as well. An increase of number of planes is scheduled, reaching two flights per day for this destination. Still in England, the Manchester – Jeddah would unfortunately not resume before autumn season and still needs Saudia’s analysis. 5 flights per week are currently on the table.

Saudia x Casablanca

Last but not least, Saudia’s activity has also resumed in Casablanca from the Mohammed V airport. Since the 17th and 18th of May, Saudia has reoperated its activities to Jeddah (King Abdelaziz International Airport) and Riyadh (King Khalid Airport) in Saudi Arabia. Both welcome passengers in economic, affair and first classes, depending on the flight. Saudia operates 5 flights per week to Jeddah and 2 flights per week to Riyadh. Starting the 10th of June, the flight rate will increase to reach 7 flights per week to Jeddah and 4 per week to Riyadh.

Newrest is pleased to stand by Saudia on this long-awaited takeover. The group is mobilising all its teams to meet the expectations and needs of passengers and crews concerning inflight catering.

Restart Saudia inflight catering