Nutrition at the heart of Perenco Gabon!

For more than a year now, the Nutrition - Health axis has been developed at all Newrest Gabon sites (dietary sensitization, menus, tastings ...)

Teams of Newrest Gabon first of all fulfilled their contractual obligations with TOTAL and ADDAX_SINOPEC. Then we were sensitive to the pro-active approach of our client PERENCO who asked for our assistance to help them deploy a nutritional approach.

Perenco is one of our petroleum customers for whom nutrition is particularly important for improving the health of its operators. For several months now, at their request, we have initiated the day without soda that takes place every first Wednesday of the month on the sites where we operate. Since mid-March, together with their teams, we have worked on the development of a three-month nutrition project at two pilot offshore sites: Bolga and Clivana.

November 6th was the first official launch day for this project, which is particularly important to us. Our on-site teams, our dietician and the matrix teams (posters, Branding) were involved in the development of the project. It is the number of overweight or obese agents on the sites that motivated the implementation of this nutrition project, because as we know, overweight and obesity are a risk factor in the development of a hypertension or diabetes, diseases that are very prevalent on the petroleum sites on which we operate. The project therefore consists of stabilizing and / or reducing the weight of the agents adhering to the project, while observing or not an improvement in other health parameters related to weight. To do this, our teams offer a “Health Menu” in addition to the usual menu and this morning, noon and night.

This “Health Menu” meets the needs of the population (provide 3,000 kcal / day) while being less caloric than the standard menu and are composed according to the nutritional recommendations in force. Anyone choosing to consume the “Health Menu” will have to give the Newrest agent to the service, a green ticket on which is mentioned his name, the date of the day and the site. This allows the doctor to evaluate the participation rate of the agents as well as the influence of their participation on the health indicators (weight, BMI, waist circumference, tension …). Throughout the project and this each week, the Medic (medical referent on the site) takes the following measures: tension, weight, waist circumference, BMI, to note the evolution of these parameters. In parallel, people who do not want to consume the “Health Menu” but who still do not want to consume sodas during meals, will receive a token. This is intended to “reward” people who want to reduce their consumption of soda during their rotation on site.

At the end of the project, Perenco will reward those who have participated the most or have had the best results by offering connected goodies and watches to count the steps taken during the day.

We are proud to have been able to highlight our skills in terms of nutrition on Perenco sites and hope that this project can be deployed on all of our sites!