Examples of rail contracts

Newrest is located mainly in Europe, and is the global leader in rail catering. It has been developing its specific expertise for many years. Here are a few examples.


Since 2013, Newrest Wagons-Lits in France has been managing all on-board catering and related services on intercity and high-speed TGV trains belonging to SNCF (the French national rail operator) and Alléo (a joint venture between SNCF and Deutsche Bahn).


  • 300,000 meals served per week
  • Bar service on 4,000 trains per week
  • 1,183 employees
  • 2 customers: SNCF and Alleo

Facilit’rail, Newrest Group dedicated subsidiary to the logistics of rail catering, is:

  • 533 employees
  • 5 customers in France and international ⋅ SNCF CRM Services (TGV and IC), SNCF Mobility (Alleo), Ferrovial, Thalys and Eurostar
  • 14 proprietary sites located in Lille, Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Bordeaux
  • 9 sub-contracted bases
  • 259,000 logistical transport operations per year
  • 4 million food containers prepared and shipped annually
  • 700 trains processed per day
Des employés de la compagnie ferroviaire Wagons-Lits en plein service


Newrest Wagons-Lits in Austria, formerly known as Compagnie des Wagons-Lits, has been working with its main customer – Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) – for over 85 years.

Our Austrian subsidiary offers hotel and catering services on overnight trains.


  • Hotel services for 15,000 overnight passengers per week
  • 2,500 meals served per week
  • On-board services on 100 cars per week
  • 550 employees
  • 2 logistics centers
  • 1 customer: ÖBB
Un employé de la compagnie ferroviaire Wagons-Lits en service