Newrest Servair Madrid takes part in the Powerade MTB NON STOP 2016

The Powerade non-stop VTT relay race between Madrid and Lisbon took place between Friday September 30 and Sunday October 2.

After cycling 200km a week for three months as part of their preparation, the 4 Newrest Servair Madrid participants alternated every 80km on the journey from Madrid to Lisbon. They decided to alter their course at the start to bid farewell to their Newrest Servair Madrid catering colleagues and stopped off to see their colleagues in Lisbon after crossing the finish line.

The participants didn’t sleep for 2 days in order to cover the 770km that separate the Spanish and Portuguese capitals and clocked an impressive time of 43 hours, 48 minutes and 11 seconds. They finished 103rd out of 274.

The Newrest Group congratulates its team members for taking on such a challenge.

Newrest Servair Madrid VTT