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In 2001, Newrest opened its Athens International Airport catering unit and expanded to current premises in 2006. Athens unit has been since constantly upgraded to adjust the capacity of the buildings to the increased inflight business volume.


Building’s latest renovations include extension of operational areas ( final holding & cold room, warehouse, pick/pack space) as well as the modernization of the client meal presentation room. Main feature was the successful deployment in 2018 in production of two automated tray set up lines, equipped with Cobots (collaborative robots) , as per the innovation strategy defined by the group.

While in-flight Catering (Scheduled, Charter, BOB and VIP flights) remains the main activity of Newrest Athens (ATH) unit, the latter is also used to produce meals for our contract catering customers, which are delivered on daily basis to their premises.

Newrest Athens Unit is certified as, Inflight Catering Security Regulated Agent, Supplier by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority registered in the EU Database for Supply Chain Security and holds all required quality, environmental and health & safety certificates (including ISO 22000:2018, 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and 45001:2018 certifications), is Halal Certified as well as Certified “Safe by Newrest” ensuring QHSE to employees, customers and end consumers.

Newrest ATH proudly serves Aegean Lounges and Skyserv Lounges in ATH.

Newrest Athens is very proud to have been awarded on March 7, 2019, an American Airlines award, Caterer of the Year 2018, Seasonal Stations Europe. Additionally, on November 12, 2019, Newrest ATH was also awarded by Lufthansa; the Silver Award for outstanding service and support; meaning second globally.

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