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Newrest, the world leader in onboard catering, has been providing airline catering services in the UK since 1996. Today, the Group operates a production unit in Manchester.


In 2017 Newrest moved from its previous unit into a 3’000 m2 facility with dedicated Halal and non Halal process flows.

The facility has a 25 Long Haul flights daily capacity.

Manchester unit has 9 Refrigerated high-loaders.

Since September 2017, we have secured 1 daily Saudia and 1 daily United flights in addition to the 25 daily FlyBe, Turkish Airlines , Royal Air Maroc , KLM and BA City Flyer.

In June 2018, we won Hainan Airlines with 4 weekly flights to Beijing and in October, PIA with 9 weekly flights to Pakistan.

In January 2020,we won Birman Bangladesh Airways with three weekly flights to Dhaka.

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