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Newrest Servair in Belgium

The Inflight activity developed strongly in 2016-17 with contracts won from Hainan Airlines, Thai Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Qeshm Air and Emirates.

Following a request early 2014, Newrest Group has been granted a license to provide catering services at both Brussels International and Brussels South Charleroi Airports.

Both airports are operated as a JV with Servair, Newrest having the management.

The inauguration of the brand new inflight kitchens took place on April 13th, 2015.

Inflight catering is the main activity of Brussels’ catering units with a targeted well balanced portfolio of Long Haul, Regional, VIP and Charter flight operations.

The Newrest Brussels inflight kitchen has been designed and built in order to feature two physically separated Halal and non-Halal production flows.

Per October 2017, Newrest Belgium also started to operate the Lounge activity for Brussels Airlines.

The teams also signed a prestigious contract with Brussels Airlines, winning the service for the Loft lounge at Brussels airport.

To enable them to meet their customers’ expectations, the Belgian teams have invested €200,000 to improve Halal and Non Halal ow separation and so obtain the Halal certification for the Brussels production unit.

To pursue this strong development, Newrest Servair in Belgium is studying a project to extend its storage capacities and maintain its strong development. This extension could enable it to meet the needs of its current customers, such as the TUI group, and also meet the requirements of our future customers.

Deployment of the Airport lounge activity is also a major objective for 2017-18.

To control this significant increase in activity, processes have been launched to obtain ISO 9001:2015 certification.

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Production units : Brussels and Charleroi

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