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After a first extremely busy year, teams of Newrest Caledonia and Newrest Jacrégal consolidated their operations.

2015 :

  • Start of services for Vale, New-Caledonia
  • Acquisition of JACREGAL in joint venture with Caroline GUERDON

2016 :

  • Start of construction for the Medipole  kitchen.

In an economic context which is still delicate, the teams continued to work hand in hand with customer and supplier partners to put long-lasting and efficient economic models in place.

The catering, laundry, cleaning, maintenance and gardening services for Vale at the Goro Mine enable a training and expertise exchange platform between the teams which proves its worth every day.

The Catering activities continued to develop, in particular with the opening of the cafeteria, newspaper kiosk and gift shop at the Médipôle. This point of sale, which is essentially dedicated to patients’ visitors, has been developed gradually since February 1st, 2017.

To enable the whole Caledonian community to take advantage of a long term economic model with optimum service quality, Newrest purchased shares in Sodexo in the Restauration Française company and de facto 2015 took over a new production unit. With 120 employees, Restauration Française provides 18,000 meals per day in the schools of the Nouméa, Paita, Dumbéa and Mont-Dore districts.

From the start of the year, the Caledonian teams will be responsible for providing Catering services at the 3 clinics in Nouméa (Magnins, Baie des Citrons and Anse Vata). This transition and staff integration phase will enable the company to plan and organise the transfer in September 2018 to the Nouville clinic which will group the 3 clinics together.

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