Newrest Restauration

The strength of a major and the agility of a challenger

In a very competitive market, Newrest Restauration is continuing its sen- sible development strategy and acquired 100 % of Coralys capital at the start of 2017, so becoming a dynamic player in Catering in France. Inte- grating the Newrest Coralys teams brings major expertise in Catering in schools and retirement homes.

This 15 % growth can be explained by the high level of satisfaction from existing customers (translating into a retention rate of 98 %), and the abil- ity to attract new customers in all market segments (Business, Health, Education, Defence) thanks to a tailor-made offer. As a newcomer into the Catering market in France, Newrest Restaura- tion is supported by the Group international know-how and power to provide innovative solutions and turn the market in France upside down, while giving the utmost importance to nutrition and healthy eating.

Openings such as ‘l’Addict’ at the Icade park in Rungis, the CREPS in Toulouse or the Charles de Foucauld school complex in Lyon all call on ‘Unlimited’ innovative Group expertise, including digital, enabling cus- tomers to access information directly (future menus, animations, events and promotions and options: online ordering, special menu ordering).

Newrest Restauration examines each step from an economic, but also a quality, ecological and social point of view. In doing so, Newrest Res- tauration places the emphasis more on what happens before and after the food reaches the plate rather than price adjustment variables: true creativity and inventiveness without limits. The teams are therefore continuing the major processes which have been launched since 2016 to develop short circuit supply and regular events and awareness campaigns for health eating.

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