Cocktail for the French High school Charlemagne in Pointe Noire

We have already had the opportunity to collaborate with the Lycée Français several times, especially for the high school graduation and the return of the teachers of Lycée Français which took place at the beginning of September. On the occasion of this event Friday November 22nd, French High Schools of the World, we had the opportunity to serve a buffet that reflects our Newrest identity.

On the menu of this cocktail dinner, we proposed various hot salty pieces, such as skewers of meat, fish and fish fritters. Of course, all these salty pieces were cooked on site by our teams from the Central Kitchen who were present to perform a live cooking show. On the buffet we also presented cold salty “petits fours” such as jar of eggplant caviar, blinis with smoked salmon and Lorraine quiche. For sweet pieces, we proposed a pastry cake, we chose a chocolate sponge cake, as well as a fresh fruit salad and finally whipped cream. We also set up a bar for our guests, in which we proposed draft beers, fruit juice, strong alcohol and sodas.