Newrest Travel Retail

Newrest Travel Retail was created in 2016 and powered by Newrest Group that brings highly innovative on-board passenger and crew experiences and trends for the travel retail, environment, entertainment and equipment markets.

The management team, located in Toulouse, has more than 20 years of experience in the on-board services sector and a worldwide distribution network. We are proud to mention that in its first year of operation, the Newrest Travel Retail team was able to deploy its innovative digital point-of-sale and tablet payment solution to 11 airlines. Currently more than 10,000 crew members on 3 different continents are using this solution.

Newrest Travel Retail’s objective is to improve the onboard experience for passengers and crew of its client airlines, who rely on its integrated and customized services.

Newrest Travel Retail understands the client’s needs and is able to transform them into all-round, data driven, flexible and dynamic solutions that will improve the clients’ value propositions and generate unique, innovative on-board experiences that will drive revenues.

Newrest Travel Retail mission is to remain a unique partner to their clients, committed to technological progress, and to work alongside their clients to provide them with integral business solutions through tailor-made formulas.

Newrest Travel Retail EN

Newrest Travel Retail is :

  • SPECIFIC PRODUCTS : Development, design, production and supply chain of on-board equipment.

  • BOB : Sales on-board concepts (Travel retail and duty free).

  • ALL IN ONE : The out sourcing of the on-board services department and the integration of concepts.

  • TRAINING : Cabin crew training and motivation programs.

  • DIGITAL & TECHNOLOGY : Development, design and implementation of digital software to increase on-board revenues.

Newrest Travel Retail


With their Travel Retail formula the teams generate coherent and effective communication between client passengers, crew, organizations and suppliers; through attractive menu card and catalogue design and marketing, clear sales strategy, efficient retail supply management and logistical & digital innovation.


Newrest Travel Retail creates, develops, designs and produces concepts for the on-board services, adapting flexibly to the corporate identity in order to generate value for your company with elements such as rotable, disposable, and hard equipment as well as incorporating the ‘POS’ and back office management.


Newrest Travel Retail takes the concept of entertainment to new heights with the possibilities of the digital world. A new means of generating on-board income through integral services for digital media, strategic partners and numerous options in terms of software, contents and applications such as with the implementation of the Airfi® solution.


Newrest Travel Retail aim is to enhance all the experiences related to the whole concept of services that Newrest Travel Retail can provide to their clients. Together with the clients we will make the passenger experience more comfortable & joyful via the entertainment options, purchasing via their own devices, pre-ordering options for their own ease and comfort and many more. When it’s related to the crew, Newrest Travel Retail engages the crew in the sales journey on-board to meet and exceed the expectations of today’s modern passengers via crew training programs, rewarding programs, unique incentives, selling techniques and many more.