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Newrest Chile is an expert in multi-sector catering and adds a new perspective to the catering market and related services. The Newrest Group subsidiary is the benchmark for catering services and inflight catering in Chile, with over 4,900 meals served every day.

The innovative Chilean subsidiary of the Newrest Group has the utmost respect for the international standards for quality, hygiene and safety as well as a strong foundation of core principles and values. This combination of innovation and commitment to standards and values allows the subsidiary to fully recognize clients’ specific needs and integrate them into a competitive offer.

Since establishing itself in Chile in 2008, Newrest Chile now offers daily services to about 10 clients in the institutional catering and remote site management sectors.

Institutional catering expertise

In the institutional catering sector, Newrest is now leading the canteen management market in Chile. The Chilean subsidiary offers catering solutions to companies, administrations, hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, universities and schools, with a strong focus in the education and university sectors. In this function, Newrest Chile serves more than 3,400 meals for seven clients on nine sites.

Remote Site management expertise

In the remote site sector, Newrest Chile relies on its expertise in the construction and management of remote sites as well as hotel services, catering, leisure activities, gardening and the management of water treatment facilities. With a strong presence in mining and scientific sector, the Chilean subsidiary provides services to its client, serving 100 POB (people on board) every day.

Inflight catering expertise

In the inflight catering sector, Newrest Chile has demonstrated its expertise in onboard catering. Since opening in 2014, the kitchen at the Santiago inflight production site has prepared over 1,200 meals every day for clients such as United and Latam.

A global company with local expertise

In all of their activities, the Chilean team draws on the global expertise of the Newrest Group, one of the world’s leading catering companies. In the institutional catering sector, Newrest provides daily services to 455 clients, both locally and across 26 countries, with 186,000 meals served daily. The Group extends its knowledge and experience in remote site management to 185 sites across 24 countries, serving over 39,000 POB (people on board) every day. The Group extends its inflight catering knowledge and expertise to 74 airports worldwide, serving 593,000 meals every day.


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