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Newrest in Chile

Established in Chile in late 2008, Newrest operates today in four regions and on diverse activities of the Group related to food production and service supply.

Newrest Chile is active in catering and related hospitality segments including airline Catering, contract catering, concession retail, remote site and support services.

Our focus is on :

  • Demonstrating through our procedures that we are as a company able to deliver full service with a world-class competitiveness in order to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction.
  • Guarantee the quality of service and proximity to the consumer. Backed with ISO 9001 certifications and use of BPM and HACCP as inspiration for the quality model.
  • Providing quick and positive response to our customers’ requirements.
  • Taking advantages of our synergies and expertise worldwide to successfully develop our contracts.
  • Being a responsible company that also respects the environment and ecosystem.
  • Sustainable procurement policy.

Several projects were finalised during the 2016-17 financial year. At ALMA, the teams implemented digitisation of the organisation and control of household and maintenance in the Residence, through a tablet system for each of the housekeeping agents and supervisors, allowing better control and instant and standardised reporting. A digester for organic items was installed at the Santiago unit to limit waste and transport and this has consequently had a direct impact on the reduction of the carbon footprint.

The ISO 9001 certification has been renewed for the Remote site, B&I and Inflight businesses.

Today, 100 % of Newrest Chile sites are operational following the successful migration of the new WinRest internal system, both in Catering, Remote site and Inflight. This tool is used for the management of planning, purchasing and production.


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