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Newrest Kitchen in Geneva, based on the border of the GVA deck, was inaugurated in 2010 and is dedicated to the production of meals in flight for major airlines and private aviation companies.

We also take care of most catering and related services in the lounges of Geneva airport. We have a “western” cuisine, but also a “halal” cuisine to give full satisfaction to our multicultural customers.

The Geneva site is ISO 22000, ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and Halal certified.

We also have a catering and retail branch in Switzerland.

Several governments, companies, international organizations and museums trust Newrest for their restaurants and cafeterias.

The core of our mission is to provide quality products, in full compliance with HACCP, quality and hygiene procedures.

In Switzerland, Newrest has formed an alliance with an internationally renowned local company, Canonica.

Canonica, which is also famous for its expertise in chocolate manufacturing, has been providing catering services for many years. Since 2010, the joint venture has provided on-board and in-flight services to the business aviation and catering sectors. Since 2011, a daughter joint venture has been created to provide food and services to contract catering and point of sale businesses.

The conceded catering business continues its development as with the MIC Inter-Enterprises Restaurant, Marly Innovation Center, located in the canton of Friborg, which showcases a fresh and creative cuisine.

This restaurant, open to the public, will also serve as a central kitchen for catering and delivery activities in this canton.

With the Renens school catering site in the canton of Vaud, the Swiss teams have completely revised the food offer in order to broaden the range of products and give students a new choice in their consumption patterns. Digital will be honored in 2018 with the integration of the Group’s toolset (APP, ‘click & collect’, …), in order to maximize the customer experience and optimize sales.

Finally, the signing of the Food Services contract for the EMS, Foyer Rose d’automne, allows Newrest Switzerland to serve its first establishment in the medico-social segment.

Located in the canton of Friborg it will be powered by the MIC production center. Newrest Switzerland maintains its certifications ‘Green Fork’ (3 units) and GRTA (Genève Région Terre Avenir) on 2 units. The Swiss teams wish to label all their catering sites under the GRTA specifications (a guarantee mark created in 2004 by the State of Geneva which highlights local products).

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